Rainbows of Hope

the needy rescued in the USA and GuatemalaRainbows of Hope is WEC's ministry to children, youth and families at risk and in crisis throughout the world.

Millions of children are suffering pain and trauma as a result of events beyond their control:
• war,
• abusive homes,
• poverty,
• abandonment,
• orphaned by Aids,
• sexual exploitation,
• forced to live on dangerous city streets,
• working long days in sweatshops.

Rainbows of Hope reaches out to disadvantaged children and lets them know that they are:
• made in the image of God,
• a person of immense worth and significance,
• loved by God and
• given a hope and a future.

lives changed in Mozambique and South AfricaThrough prayer, informing and training of Christian workers, churches and communities in several countries, many children are finding hope in Jesus Christ.

Rainbows of Hope encourages work with a child's whole family, hoping to prevent child abuse and encourage healthy homes capable of spiritual nurture.

The vision of Rainbows of Hope is to see children at risk and children in crisis become Children in Christ as part of a community of faith.

Get involved this summer with Rainbows of Hope.

Visit www.rainbowsofhope.org

Rainbows of Hope



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