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Although all these people are pivotal to the story of redemption that runs through the Bible, they are also fallible – you and I can identify with them. Each character study helps us to re-examine our own lives and characters, and challenge us to grow as believers.

Abraham – Genesis 12-25

Abraham’s life makes amazing reading. His faith in God is inspiring even today. He was by no means perfect, but his failings help us to see a man of God not as a remote and distant figure, but a fallible human, like the rest of us except one with great faith. Abraham walked closely with God, his humility and trust in God brought him through many awkward situations and we can take offer us many useful lessons.
10 weeks 978-1-85792-887-7

Highly Esteemed – Daniel

Daniel in the lion’s den is one of the most famous Bible stories. Other than that, our memory of what else he did tends to fade away.
This study reminds us that the lion’s den story was just one part of his fascinating life. It puts his life into context and shows what we can learn from a life led in complete reliance on a God who is in control of all things.
12 weeks 978-1-84550-006-1

A Man After God’s Own Heart – David

David: the boy who killed Goliath, King of Israel, Psalm writer ... but there is more to David than that. He was an adulterer, a king who plotted the death of a faithful soldier, so that he could satisfy his own lusts on his subject’s wife.
Like us all, he had times of doubt and fear, but God used him mightily to provide a lesson, to Israel then and to us today. Study David ’s dramatic life – with more twists and turns than any adventure novel.
11 weeks 978-0-90806-746-6

Men of Courage – Elijah & Elisha

Elijah must be one of the greatest ‘greats’ in the Old Testament. His name means ‘My God is Jehovah’ so, although we have no record of his ancestors, we can presume that he had godly parents!
Elisha’s name means ‘My God is My Saviour’. Could these two key figures in the OldTestament have more appropriate names? We learn from their lives that faithful believers can make a difference.
11 weeks 978-1-85792-913-3

The Man God Chose – Jacob

Jacob was not the brother you wish you had. His life from the beginning was one of twisting the truth and plotting behind people’s backs.Yet he became one of the major characters in the heritage of God’s people.
If God could choose this man for his purposes, could he choose you? How far did God use Jacob? Well, he even got to wrestle with the Son!
12 weeks 978-1-84550-025-2

God Cares – Jonah

Jonah was a great man of faith. God trusted him with delivering his message to people outside the realms of his own nation. But Jonah wanted to make sure that God’s people remained a close-knit group. He didn’t want God’s blessings being transferred away from his people.
He thought he knew better; Jonah learned the hard way! Don’t make the same mistakes!
8 weeks 978-1-84550-024-5

God Plans for Good – Joseph

Joseph was faced with many tests from God, the test of adversity, the test of the body, the test of the soul, the test of prosperity, and the test of the inner man. God tests us too.
As you study the life of Joseph, you will learn how God wants you to act when you have a problem. Can you look at your disappointments and suffering, and honestly say, ‘God planned it for good’?
10 weeks 978-0-90806-700-8

Serving the Lord – Joshua

Joshua faced real problems and fears, just like we do. Do you find that, when you stand for what is right, the opposition is hard to bear? Joshua did!
Do you feel that your responsibilities just now are more than you can cope with? Joshua did!
Do you ever wonder if the promises in the Bible really relate to you? Joshua did!
This study looks at the story of God’s dealings with his people, presented in a nutshell in Joshua 24:5-13. You will see that God always takes the initiative.
12 weeks 978-1-85792-889-1

Meek but Mighty – Moses

Moses – the baby in the basket, the burning bush, the plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the ‘manna’ from heaven, the 40 years in the wilderness, the 10 commandments.
By any standards Moses’ life was an interesting one. He led his people from slavery in Egypt to the promised land – facing famine, hostile tribes, a rebellion and doubt from his own people along the way. If ever there was a life that is worth studying, then this one is it.
10 weeks 978-1-85792-951-5

Achieving the Impossible – Nehemiah

What did Nehemiah do when he had a problem? When you find this out, you will learn what to do with your problems too. This study shows what to do when the enemy attacks, how to replace disunity with fellowship, and what Bible study was like in the year 445 BC.
It not only highlights Nehemiah’s thrilling work of building a city, but lets us peep into Scriptures that show God at work preparing His city. Be victorious in your Christian life!
10 weeks 978-0-90806-707-7

Grace and Grit – Ruth & Esther

The story of Ruth is one that shows how incredibly the grace of God works in bringing one of his people into the fold of believers. The likelihood of this happy result in Ruth’s life would be one that bookmakers would hesitate to quote odds on! We can take heart from how she sees God’s providence working through our lives too. Esther’s story, however, is very different.
Queen Esther already knew her Creator but was faced with a difficult situation. In the face of persecution, she knew she couldn’t keep silent but must speak out against injustice. Her guile and courage were an example to her people, and an example to us today.
10 weeks 978-1-85792-908-9

A Man with a Choice – Solomon

Solomon’s kingdom was the ‘titanic’ among Hebrew reigns. He was wealthy and wise; his kingdom enjoyed unprecedented peace, promise and prosperity; Israel was unsinkable!
God warned this ‘captain’ about the navigational hazards for the unwary leader, yet Solomon ordered full speed ahead and hit not one, but four, huge icebergs in his reign. Discover how Solomon made his choices, and how you can go with the good decisions and avoid the bad.
12 weeks 978-1-84550023-8

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