How to inspire …

… young people about mission

there's lots to get involved inYoung people often believe they can change the world – and with God's help they can!

Whether you have the privilege of leading a youth meeting or are simply keen to help young people in your church see what God can do through them, here are some ideas that may help you encourage them to be global Christians:


• Ask individuals to research a country or people group.

• Focus on the persecuted church and don't forget to share about the power of prayer. In the last 20 years we've seen major world changes in answer to prayer – your young people may not be aware of what's happened!


• Raise awareness of issues like poverty, HIV, human trafficking, corruption, trade … Read about WEC's Rainbows of Hope ministry.

• Facilitate the development of personal opinion and convictions through discussion and debate.

students studying togetherAct

• Contact some of the many UK charities who provide guidelines for writing to MPs about social justice issues, or use Facebook's Badger app

• Research opportunities at local social action projects and mission events like GOfest


• Inspire your young people by sharing mission newsletters with them.

• Invite cross-cultural workers on home leave, and people who work for Christian organisations, to talk at your meetings.


• Involve the whole group, when one member leaves to do a gap year or short-term mission.

• Set aside time-slots to write to cross-cultural workers, asking about their work and what it's like to live abroad.


• Create an accessible bank of information from different mission organisations (start with OSCAR or Christian Vocations).

• Consider motivating a whole group to go on a short-term mission trip together – WEC Trek offers tailor-made placements for individuals and teams.


• Lead Bible studies and mission-focussed worship sessions to bring home the truth that mission is God's plan for everyone.

• Once they have caught the vision, your young people can influence the wider church by sharing about mission through presentations, cross-cultural evenings, arranging visiting speakers, international food, prayer meetings.

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